It is an investment project built as a multifunctional shopping mall which is redevelopment of the existing shopping centre serving since 1997 in the Knutsevo district of Moscow. The concept of the project was designed by Jerde, Coordination among disciplines has been provided by Enka, manufacturing projects and detail design have been improved. The entire complex amounts to 245,000 m², while the Gross Leasable Area of the retail part is corresponding to 90,000 m². Furthermore, four levels of underground parking, with over 2,000 lots, are designated for retail. In addition to its spectacular light-filled retail and entertainment spaces, the complex consists of office buildings (29,000 m²). Read more

Location : Moscow, Russia
Year : 2009-2015
Area : 300.000m²
© : Enka İnş. San. A.Ş

14 Aralık 2017

Project Type : Commercial, Mixed Use