Interior design and the construction has been completed using very specific and qualified materials by determining the special needs of the client by merging two duplexes on the 14th floor of a 2015 residential block located in Suadiye, Kadıköy. In the 370 sqm area consisting of two duplexes, a private living space which contains 90 sqm living room, a master bedroom (45 sqm) as suite style, 3 bedrooms, terrace room that is used for daily activities, 5 bathrooms was planned, and construction has been undertaken. In the concept developed using classical items, marble and mosaic applications on the floor, plaster decor applications on the ceiling, wooden wall panels on the walls and wall papers are the most frequently used items.

Location : Suadiye, Istanbul
Year : 2016
Area : 350m²

15 Aralık 2017

Project Type : Interior