A consortium comprising ENKA, Bechtel and Bahwan Engineering Company (BEB) was established to develop the Main Terminal Building of Muscat International Airport. In this project, the detail design was developed on the basis of the main draft prepared by the COWI-Larsen Joint Venture. In this project, BEB is responsible for developing and completing the design in accordance with the Employer’s requirements for the facilities, procurement, production, inspection, delivery to the work site, construction, testing, commissioning and maintenance of equipment and correcting mistakes. The overall scope of the project is to design and build a terminal building, multi-storey parking, land side roads and elevated roads, support buildings, terminal equipments (partial) for Muscat International Airport.

Location : Mascat, Oman
Year : 2011-2016
Area : 680.000m²
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14 Aralık 2017

Project Type : Transportation