The residential settlement is composed of 3 blocks on a land of 12000 square meters in Mezitli/ Mersin and has 108 housing units with ground + 18 floors with social facilities and an indoor sports hall and an indoor and outdoor swimming pool. Social facilities, a gym and meeting rooms are planned on the ground floors. It is planned as 4 + 1 apartment of 200 square meters on 2 corner blocks which have 2 flats in each storey. The apartment which located in the middle is planned as 3+1 with 160 square meters. Common circulation areas; the staircase and elevator completely separate the two apartments from one another and direct them to a three-sided plan solution for each apartment. Read more

Location : Mezitli, Mersin
Year : 2015-2017
Area : 33.750m²

15 Aralık 2017

Project Type : Residential